Thursday, August 19, 2010

Open Letter to Carmelo Anthony

Dear Carmelo Anthony,

All right Carmelo, I am going to make this short and sweet. This sentence anyway, I am not sure about the rest of the letter. You have got to come to New York. Not to Brooklyn or Newark or wherever the Nets are playing now, but to New York City. I know you are getting offers from Houston (Real good team they got going on down there) and the Nets (An even better team) but the Knicks are where it is at. Okay, maybe not right now, but it can be if you decide to come. Hey, maybe you can even bring your boy Chris Paul with you! He did mention at your wedding reception that he wanted to form a superteam with you and Amare Stoudamire in NYC. Maybe this was Paul's version of the drunk best man speech, but he did bring up an intriguing idea.

Can you imagine the three of you in the Big Apple together? It probably would rival the three down in Miami. If anything, you would have better role players around you a few years from now, as the ones in Miami are just playing for this year (Looking at you Juwan Howard). If anything, this would probably be a more balanced attack than the one in Miami. Stoudamire is a better offensive player than Bosh, you are probably the most clutch player out of the six, and Paul is the best facilitator out of all of everyone.

Do you want to know my real motive behind bringing you to New York, Melo? I am not really a Knicks fan, I have been a Celtic fan from birth. As it seems that it is highly unlikely that you will go to Boston, New York is the next best thing. I don't really care about whether you make the team better or not (but I am sure you do). But what I care about is bringing some sort of relevancy back to New York sports.

What? Doesn't New York dominate the front pages of sport sections everywhere? (Says a man I just made up)

New York does not dominate sports the way it should, the way a city with nine professional sports teams located in the area should. Only two teams are really relevant in the eyes of the sporting world, the Yankees and the Jets. The Yankees are fresh off the World Series win from last season, and the Jets are the current football media darlings, appearing on Hard Knocks and what not. Then there are the other seven. The Giants have really fallen off in terms of football relevancy since their most recent Super Bowl win, and the Mets are once again falling apart down the home stretch of the baseball season (at least for Mets fans sake, it's earlier this year). The Nets are fresh off of one of the worst seasons in professional basketball history, and are having an extreme struggle drawing players to play in Newark. It is not the team or the city's fault, it is just that Newark gets an unfair rap around the country, mainly a product of hyperbole. The Rangers and Devils are dwindling quickly, and apparently New York also has a team called the Islanders, which according to ESPN has the worst professional sports "arena" in the country.

Look at a city like Boston. All four of their sports teams are relevant. Only 22 percent of New York's teams even matter to the average sports fan.

That brings us to where you come in Carmelo, the New York Knicks.

The Knicks have not been relevant in the sporting world for a few years. And when they were, it was because Isiah Thomas single-handedly making that team into a disaster rivaling The Adventures of Pluto Nash. The Knicks were known for hard-nosed, boring games back in the 90's, but they were good. They were good in the 70's as well, with Reed and Frazier and the whole gang. You can bring relevancy back to this faltering franchise. Maybe you can even cancel out the fact that the Knicks just attempted to sign Isiah Thomas back on as a special consultant, which can only be compared to as the Republic bringing back Darth Vader to help Luke Skywalker with decisions, if Vader was still alive (I am sure these Star Wars references make you want to come even more). You can bring the Knicks back to relevancy not only in the basketball world, but in the sporting world in general. Bring New York back to what it used to be in terms of sports. This is not about the Knicks for me, it is about the city. Make the average fan care about New York.

Think of how big your star will get here. Playing in Denver, you were almost an after thought in the eyes of fans. In New York, you will be on billboards and buildings. This would be a good move for your wife. She has not been in anything since she hosted For the Love of Ray J, so I am sure she'll welcome the move. La La meet Gaga. I am sure we can make that happen (By we, I mean other people. I don't have those kind of connections). You'll be gold Carmelo, gold!
In short, the city needs you Carmelo. Bring basketball back to what it used to be in New York. Bring New York sports back what it used to be in the eyes of the average American fan.

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