Saturday, January 29, 2011

Linked Out 1/29/11

Hey everyone. I noticed throughout my illustrious sports writing career that there are many topics I want to dive into. Unfortunately, I might not have the time or willpower to go in-depth on certain topics. Or, the topic just doesn’t require me to write a lot about it, thus compromising my artistic integrity and style.

Phew. That was a lot of big words in one paragraph. Anyway, I’ve decided that, for three times a week, I’ll load up the site with links I find awesome and give my opinion. Aren’t you excited?

Also, people say updating your site frequently is a good way to increase traffic. And since I am always up for selling out…

The proud tradition of Awful Super Bowl bets is long lasting, and this game is no exception. You would have thought that these two teams would trade something awesome, like meat or steel or people. Nope. Try fine artwork. Two of America’s most blue-collar cities are representing themselves by artwork. And the painting Green Bay is willing to trade sucks. It’s three guys in boats on a river. That’s impossible, because all the rivers are frozen in Green Bay.

I am sure rehab will work this time. If anyone can force you to complete alter your lifestyle, it’s Jon Cryer.

This video of Brett Keisel describing how awesome his beard is, is probably one of the three greatest things I’ve seen in my life. As I tweeted the other day, I am working on my great beards list. It won’t be a column, but I’ll probably try to squeeze it in to my Super Bowl Preview. You really thought I was going to devote a whole column to beards? Please. I need to be more awesome to do that.

Today’s Lie of the Day

Today’s Nate Robinson Twitter Status of the Day

Entitling your post “Snooki Is Not Smart” is like titling something “The Sky is Blue” or “My Life is Sad”.

Not Carlos Boozer! My last hope for NBA sanity is gone.

There you have it folks. If you want to send me links for a future “link” themed column, email me at, or send them to me on twitter @theatticfan.

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